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Lawrence Horseshoe Club!

A few months back, when the summer was just getting started and I was probably feeling nostalgic, I had this urge to throw some horseshoes around.  I grew up at VFW Halls, Moose Clubs, and Eagles Clubs, where my dad was a fixture on their horseshoe courts.  Since those days, I’ve never pursued horseshoes as a competitive venture, rather just occasionally enjoying it as a purely recreational activity.  After speaking with the Lawrence Horseshoe Club‘s organizer, Wynne Mihura, I was encouraged to join them at Broken Arrow Park the following Tuesday.  Rain and life kept me from attending for a couple weeks, but once I made it out to the park’s expansive (18) lighted horseshoe courts, I was welcomed and quickly ushered into a crash-course on how to really pitch horseshoes.  Apparently, the guys at my dad’s Eagles club had no grasp on the official rules of the game!  I was a little intimidated at first.  Clay pits are a lot different than the sand/dirt mix I was familiar with!  And these Lawrence pitchers are good. Really good.  Member Ken Martin recently placed fourth at a World Championship in Iowa.  Despite the high skill level, play at the club is friendly and inviting to newcomers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: carolyntiry

So I began making 6:30 on Tuesday evenings a fun and challenging part of my week.  But as I sought out to find other players and gauge the presence of horseshoe pitchers in Lawrence, I was sure I would encounter a sizable group.  Granted, horseshoe throwing isn’t as exciting as say, Kickball, but I thought it had/has enough broad appeal that it might  garner a decent local following here in Douglas county.  The turnout each week is a little low compared to what the facility can handle and what the group itself would like.  Wynne is working hard on that though.  Every Tuesday she reminds me to tell my friends and bring them along – so there it is, your official invitation.  Who knows, even if you are no good (like me), you have a chance to win.  With the aid of my particularly generous handicap, I actually beat two world-class players last week! 🙂

What: Lawrence Horseshoe Club

Where: Broken Arrow Park, Lawrence KS

When: Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm

Who: Open to the public

If you don’t own horseshoes, don’t worry – we’ll share.


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