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Nate Paradis

Lawrence, KS Real Estate Absorption Rate 8/7/2014

Guess what? According to the Lawrence MLS, there are 581 active Single Family, Townhomes/Condos for sale right now. You know what else? There were 1,377 sales of these types of properties in the last 365 days. This tells us the absorption rate (length of time needed for all current inventory to sell, if no new listings were to come into the marketplace and the sales pace remained constant) is 5.14 months. 6 months is considered a balanced market. Less than a 6 month abs. rate favors a seller; a longer abs. rate favors a buyer. In theory. So there you go: it’s a seller’s market *overall*. I’ve seen the abs. rate vary quite a bit for different property types and areas in Lawrence. Let me know if you want to see what’s up with homes like yours in your neighborhood. Nate P. w/ Chief Properties 785.550.8947. 

Absorption Rate


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