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Nate Paradis

So You Thought You Fixed Your Downspouts?

Congrats! You just purchased a home and already started tackling those little projects that will enhance your property and make it outlast you. Being that your gutters’ downspouts used to simply end a few inches from the dirt around your foundation, your efforts to extend them out and away from the house looked pretty good. And actually, you did do a great job. However, homes being the dynamic, living things they are, require periodic check ups of all their systems.
Our basement was dry for nearly three years when suddenly, after a rather dry summer, a couple of moderate rains brought us a series of small puddles on our lowest level. Eventually, I was home during a rain and set out to find the source of the leak. I had a hunch and went straight to the downspout, thinking it had clogged or that the corrugated drainage pipe had somehow opened. What I found was not leaky or detached pipes (it takes two 10 ft drainage pipes to extend this downspout), but rather, a small drip where the downspout joins the drainage pipe. Some of the rain water was dripping back out the drainage pipe entry simply due to a change in the angle of the pipe. See the video below for exactly what I mean:


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